It hurts

It hurts when you smile

Because you never quite smile for her.

And the cracks on each side of your cheeks

Stand like the marks on her heart,

Left by your dagger when it sticks.

It hurts when you laugh

Because you always seems to laugh at her

Foolish little girl, hoping to somehow win you over.

Foolish little Heart who never know when to stop or when to start.

It hurts when you love

Because it’s never her you love as much

Just the little things about her where Her is not enough.

The Stranger

 To Love a Stranger

When the stranger passes by, on the busy street,

The soul quiet and shy stares, longing for a while

And all over he lays a lovely secret.

Perfuming the air, with the fragrance of an eye

His figure, tall and slim, swaying with the shadow

Fading away, He passes, breaking hearts on the go

-“O Rage, O Misery”, cries a soul in agony

And another – “Sees me not, if you shall leave me”

And all, Virgins and Wives, full of promises untrue

Curses the man they all loved and who never knew